Gravy, Lightning's Might

Gravy, Lightning's Might (Foil)

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Rarity: Uncommon
Number: BT4-113
Description: [Swap 2] "Goku's Lineage" with an energy cost of 2. (Play the specified card from your hand, then return this card to your hand)
[Auto] When you play this card, choose 1 card in your life and add it to your hand.Dark Over Realm 2] 2 (If you have at least 2 black cards in your Drop Area, you can play this card by sending all cards in your Drop Area to your Warp. [Over Realm] and [Dark Over Realm] can only be activated once per turn)
Card Type: Battle
Color: Black
Energy(Color Cost): 3(-)
Special Trait: Demon God
Power: 20000
Combo Power: 5000
Combo Energy: 0
Era: Dark Demon Realm Saga
Character: Gravy

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