Force of Will Booster Box R1 Ancient Nights (English)

Force of Will Booster Box R1 Ancient Nights (English)

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Ancient Nights is the fifteenth English expansion. Each box in the expansion contains 36 packs with 10 cards per pack.

  • Unlike previous sets, basic magic stones can no longer be found in the booster packs; instead, 30 basic magic stones are placed in a separate pack that comes with every box.
  • This cluster has a focus on draft play; as such, each booster box will also come with 5 separate "basic" J/Rulers, which cannot be found in the booster packs.
  • This is the first set in the Reiya Cluster.
  • Introduces the Dark Elf, Dinosaur, Elemental, Fish, Panda, and Squid races.
  • Includes support for the Angel, Beast, Bird, Cat, Demon, Dolphin, Dragon, Dragonoid, Elf, Evil Spirit, Fairy Tale, Golem, Guardian, Human, Magic Lifeform, Mermaid, Rabbit, Vampire, and Wolf races.
  • Introduces the "[Mobilize]" keyword.
  • Introduces full art foil commons and uncommons.

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