Memoria of the Seven Lands // Faria, Chosen Girl

Memoria of the Seven Lands // Faria, Chosen Girl

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Set Name: Battle for Attoractia
Rarity / #: Rare / BFA-091/JR
Attribute: Light
Type: Ruler
Race: Heroic Spirit
Description: Judgement 4

Faria, Chosen Girl
This card gains "Faria, the Ruler of God Sword" in addition to its other names.
When this card enters your field, if you control a "Call to Action's Memoria" destroy up to one target resonator. If you control four "Call to Action's Memoria", destroy all resonators your opponent controls instead.
Whenever you gain life, put a [+100/+100] counter on each J/resonator you control.
Atk / Def: 1000 / 1000
Flavor: "Brother...I promise I'll protect this land. So please...come home safe

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